About The Music

It was in 2013 that some people at our church would come to us and say,  “Oh, your family is so perfect, you go to church together, you spend time to together.  That’s the perfect family’.  I remember feeling so good about those comments, feeling like I had accomplished some great things.  I remember saying to myself, “my work is done, I can kick back now, the boys are on their own”.

And I thought, what about your music, your songs, your prayers to God to teach you to write songs that would be an offering to Him, to glorify Him. Funny now, I don’t remember giving myself an answer, maybe thinking that that time had passed.

Well, shortly thereafter, our family faced the toughest trials we ever faced. I was totally unprepared for them. I remember thinking of that scripture, “Watch and Pray”.  I had not been doing either enough. It was like God said, Oh…you think it’s time for you to kick back? You think your calling, your gifts, your work is done?  We’ll see.

It was during that time when the enemy was trying to split our family that I realized I had not accomplished near what I thought. I realized that as a parent, I am always a parent.  As a Christian, I am always a Christian and I am always in “the battle”. My work is not done, I must ramp up the fight and fight back as hard as I can.

First step: I needed to learn to pray…properly. I became a student of prayer again. I understood I must consecrate and stand in the gap. (Songs: “ASK”, “So They will Know”)

Second step: I needed to increase my faith…To believe God, to trust God, to know that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him. (Songs: “It’s Enough”, “No Matter What”, “Impossible Things”)

Third step: To learn to understand and know God.  To understand as much as I can about His Character, His Love, His Hand, His Plans. To try to get to know Him a little more every day. (Songs: “Glory In This”, “Special Friend”, He’s Still Real To Me”, “According To My Plan”, “We Know All Things”)

Next step: I need to “Do” something. Not on my own, but “Do” what God wants me to do. He has loaned me many good songs over the years and I have largely kept them close to me. And though they have blessed me and those few who heard them, maybe more need to hear them and maybe more need God’s Blessings. Explore recording a professional CD. I met with Steve Puleo, Recording Artist, Musician, Producer, Minister. Mooka Rennick, Owner of Prairie Sun Recording Studio, Producer. Steve arranged and produced our “One More Prayer” Album at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, CA. Let’s do what God wants and do it His Way.  2 years later I met with Fletch Wiley, Musician, Grammy Award Winning Artist, Arranger and Producer. Steve Dady, Owner of Sunset Blvd Recording Studio, Producer. Fletch arranged and produced our “He’s All I Need” Album at Sunset Blvd Recording Studio in Brentwood, TN. Let’s do what God wants and do it His Way.

(Songs: “Okay Lord”, “According To My Plan”, “I can Walk With Jesus”)

Next Step: Wage war on evil things. Attack the lies and tricks of the enemy. We cannot fake Christianity. We cannot “play” being a Christian, I already tried, it doesn’t work. I need to speak more of the truth, God’s Truth. I my case I need to sing more of God’s Truth.  (Songs: “Wanna Be A Christian Too”, “Proverbs 20:1”, “Are We The Light of The World”, “So They Will Know” )

Next Step: Share and try to convince those you love, sons, daughters, family, that they are most important. That you are so important to me, that if suddenly one day I woke up and only had one more prayer left to pray. You are so important to me that I would spend that prayer on you. The enemy wants to split our families, but God wants to unify our families. (Songs: “One More Prayer”, “If I Tell You Again”, “I Wonder”, “Where Have You Been”,)

Next Step: Thank God and Praise God every day, along the way, for all He has done, is doing and going to do. Somedays easier said than done, but I try every day. Share the praise and thank you with all I can. (Songs: ”We Owe Him All The Praise”, “He’s All I Need”, “Thank You Oh Lord”, “Give Glory To His Name”, “We Know All Things”, “More Like You”, “Sometimes”, “Praise Him More”)

Finally, I guess to answer the question, How were these CD’s made? Answer: They were made with songs from my life journeys. From trials, victories, mistakes, perseverance, faith and experiences. From experiences I have gone through, going through and may still to go through. And not just me, these songs are for your experiences you have gone through, going through and may still go through.

Let’s never forget.  God Has A Plan.

More To Come.