Album: We Praise You - Song Lyrics: Hey There

Hey There

Verse 1

Hey there, Hello, I am here

Can you hear me? Can you feel me?

Hey there, Hello, I’m right here

I’m your baby, your baby child

I’m so looking forward

To finally meeting you,

For the very first time

Verse 2

Hey there, Hello I’m right here

By now you know, my heart beats for you

Hey there, Hello, it won’t be long

Before we hold each other

And God blessing me and you

I’m so looking forward

To being held by you

And show you my smile


I can see you hold my hand

One day help me, walk and help me stand

Hear me when I call

Catch me when I fall

And I thank God for giving me to you

And you to me

Verse 3

Hey there, Hello, I’ll be here

Until, my birthday

Hey there, Dear Mom, My Mom

Give me the chance

To show you who I am

I promise I will love you

And make your life worth while

When you see my smile


I’m so looking forward, To finally meeting you

For the very first time

Hey There, Hello, Hey, Can you feel me